Semester Activities Schedule

Brookings High School requires that every student take two semesters of activities to graduate.  They may take an additional semester as an elective.  That means they will take 14 activity units.  Of those 14 units, we require them to have two team sports, two individual sports, a dance class, two fitness classes, and two swimming classes.  That gives them the opportunity to take five other units in whichever category they want.  This promotes diversity among their activities and yet, time to enjoy the category they like most. 

If you click on each activity I teach, you will see a description of that activity and it's graduation credit.

Fall 1

Fall 4

Circuit training
Fall 7

Winter/Sp 2

Winter Games
Winter /Sp 5

Outdoor Adventure
Fall 2

Project Adventure Intro

Fall 5
Swimmer swims. Stock Photo - 19666056
Beginning Swim

Semester Break
 Winter/Sp 3

New Games
Winter/Sp 6

Project Adventure
Fall 3

Project Adventure
Fall 6

Winter/Sp 1

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Winter/Sp 4

Water Games
Winter/Sp 7

Project Adventure

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